Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sea-Side Fun-Run - DB Driven Application Development CAPS PAT Grade 11 [Heimo Jeske]

This example demonstrates different coding possibilities for DB applications, while connecting to an Access database.This example present an overview of an application based on the CAPS for  IT [Grade 11 and Grade 12] It is a wonderful example of a PAT based project. The example does not include the use of SQL, which is to be included in a later example. Thank you Heimo for your excellent contribution!
By: Heimo Jeske


Video Part 1  of 9

Video Part 2  of 9

Video Part 3  of 9

Video Part 4  of 9

Video Part 5  of 9

Video Part 6  of 9

Video Part 7  of 9

Video Part 8  of 9     

Video Part 9  of 9


Complete PDF and description available here : PDF

Access Database available here: FunRunDB

Delphi Application Available here : DelphiApp 


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