Saturday, September 13, 2014

Limpopo IT Prelim Paper 1 - Aug 2014

Every year since 2008, I have had the wonderful opportunity to set the IT P1 preliminary paper on a voluntary free basis for the Limpopo  Local Department of Education.

Limpopo is a province who's learners and teachers are very close to my heart.

For this year I have decided to base the paper around a dog show theme.

I particularly tried to make Question 1 easy to accommodate average learners to also score some marks, and to set the pace for the rest of the paper.

I take cognisance of the time issue, but it is determined and implemented via the national examination body (based on the CAPS). I tried to follow the exam guidelines in setting the paper. I also allocate marks for simple statements in the beginning.

Moderation of the paper is done by provincial teachers, with the understanding that each educator will also thoroughly examine the paper and apply any necessary changes. 

The data and paper presented here do indeed differ from the original.

Comments relating to the paper will be gladly be accepted to my private email.

The applicable files are available for download here: IT_Prelim_Paper1_Limpopo_2014

Happy coding!

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  1. Baie dankie vir al die moeite. Dit word waarlik opreg waardeer deur oorwerkte & underpaid onnies!