Thursday, April 18, 2013

Delphi IT Schools - Post Numero Uno... Here we go! :-)

After months of promise and a constant request by many, I have finally gathered the courage and will to create this blog.

I am very passionate about IT as a secondary FET school subject in SA, and I am an avid supporter of Delphi as a programming language.

On this site I will post some hints, ideas and material relating to the FET IT CAPS curriculum as well as content relating to Dephi which are not CAPS related. It is for all teachers, pupils and anyone willing.

I will post content relating to scratch and the transition therof to Delphi as well as other documentation.

If you want to read more about why I have this site you may look at a post I made on my personal blog:

This is the start, a voluntary free one, which will use free time, free passion, and a card signed by learners as a reward... and basically that is all that will be required.

Hope to see you here many times... 

Below is a short "Hello to all video", it starts in Afrikaans and ends in English.

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