Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to connect to an Access 2007-2013 database - [FET IT CAPS Content Grade 11] , Using the Free Delphi 2010 compiler for FET Schools

After a request from a teacher, I have created and uploaded two videos to youtube which is related to the CAPS IT Schools Curriculum for SA (Grade 11). 

In the two videos we look at how to connect to an Access Database in Delphi 2010, using ADO components and a Datamodule. In the second part of the video we use dataset methods to determine the average age of clients as part of the clients table. 

Video - Part 1

Video - Part 2

The pdf file which contain all the steps and some explanations as part of this two videos are available below: 

The pdf file could be downloaded following the link below:

The access database used as part of the two examples are supplied below:

I have  decided not to include the application that I have created. As part of the learning process, you should create the application yourself, with the help of the pdf file and the two videos.

Happy coding ;)


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  1. Very helpful. I think we should expand and create more videos for our learners and teachers.