Monday, October 7, 2013

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Go North-West - Go Delphi

I have had the privilege to present programming content in Delphi relating to the IT CAPS for Grade 11 & 12 to all the teachers of the North West province. It is wonderful so see such committed and dedicated teachers with the right attitude. :-)

The free compiler from Embarcadero really motivated the teachers as well.

Thank you Mathews for all the effort you put towards the successful presentation of the subject in your province.  It was very encouraging to hear how the subject has grown, especially with regard to the grade 10 learners and Scratch.

Go North West!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Excellent Array Example - By Bernard Sibanda (CAPS Gr 11 Based)

In the following example kindly supplied by Bernard Sibanda the following CAPS Skills are targeted:

 1. Arrays
  - Arrays as a data structure (1-dim)

  - Structure

  - Step through items

  2. Input and output using a text file

  -Apply simple file input and output using a text file to populate data structures and to

    develop simple reports

  - Text files are incorporated utilising text stream operations and methods which

   load and save a file stream, etc.
  - Accessing text stream operations and methods to load and save a file stream,

  - Utilise exceptions to catch errors on input and output

  3. Basic computing

   - Casting from one type to another (integer/real/float/ string/text)
   - Reinforce and use of simple built-in methods dealt with through the introductory
      tool, e.g. square root, randomising and rounding
   - Format number and text output

   - Concept of a constructor for the initialisation of attributes
   - Dynamically instantiate simple objects from existing classes which supports the

     development of the solution, e.g. a list, image and relevant controls by invoking a

   - Bind an applicable event to the dynamically instantiated object if required as part of
     the solution

4. Modular approach to solution development5. Inline documentation

Document in pdf format available here

Complete application available here


Monday, May 20, 2013

Hello from Heimo

Hi There!

Thanks to Berti for adding me to the blog. Most probably this will be a perfect channel to share good, interesting and challenging Delphi material.

The first material, like "Recursion Basics" will be posted soon, as I got to know all the gadgets and possibilities. Same time my apology for the poor quality of the videos accompanying the "Fun-Run". Berti had them in perfect shape before uploading. We will look into that.

Looking forward to share hopefully some useful material.
Regards Heimo

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Exception Handling & Two Dimensional Arrays [CAPS Grade 11-12]

In the following example Aubrey Khoza, provide an overview of exception  handling, and the use of two-dimensional arrays to solve a problem relating to the calculation of installments based on the sale of books.

Thank you Aubrey!

Complete PDF available here: PDF

Complete Delphi application available here: DelphiApp

Sunday, May 12, 2013

CAPS Grade 12 - Sampler paper and discussion [QuickBanana Driving School]

The following application presents some ideas relating to questions that could be asked, for a Grade 12 paper based on the CAPS. The paper contain more questions and problems that are really needed but highlights some question  possibilities. One aspect that is not included in the paper which do form part of the CAPS is a question or problem relating to a SQL join.

Complete PDF document and description available here: PDF_Banana

Access database available here: QuickBananaDB

Complete Delphi Application available here: QuickBananaDelphiApplication

Second EOH - Delphi IT Schools Event 11th May

On the 11th of May 2013 we have successfully presented the second SA Delphi IT schools Living Lab project workshop hosted by TUT and EOH based on the IT CAPS curriculum for FET Schools SA. Presentations were done by Lecturers from the Departments of Computer Science and Web and Multimedia of the Faculty of ICT from TUT.

I am very proud of all the teachers and the kind support from EOH with regard to sponsoring the venue and providing nice food and drinks. Thanks to Dillon Gray and Kerri-Lyn of EOH for all your preparation and hard work. Thanks also to every teacher that attended with dedicated teachers like this IT has a bright future in FET schools. 
Thanks also to Embarcadero for all your support as well, and for the FREE compiler.

For the two events of the 4th and 11th of May about 80 teachers and subject advisors from various provinces attended. The provinces include: Gauteng, Limpopo, Free State, Mpumalanga, and North West.   

Some teachers drove more than 400km’s to attend the event. IT programming content, using Delphi relating to the CAPS document for grade 11 and grade 12 was presented.  

For the event of the 11th of May 2 industry presentations was done by companies, who use and support Delphi.  Representatives from the companies were quite excited when they learned what is done in FET School level. Both Saturday’s events were a major success!

More pictures available on my Facebook page:

Some pictures below:

CAPS Grade 12 ADO DB Example [Sampler Paper - SQL Version]

In the following example we look at most of the concepts relating to the content of the CAPS with relating to creating DB driven applications, with regard to Grade 12. The application include SQL based questions and solutions.

PDF documentation, and description available here: PDF

Delphi Application available here: DelphiApp

Please get the applicable Access DB from the previous post :-)

:-) Happy Coding :-)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

CAPS Grade 11 ADO DB Example [Sampler Paper - NON SQL Version]

In the following example we look at most of the concepts relating to the content of the CAPS with regard to creating DB driven applications.

The pdf for the application and sampler paper available here: PDF

The applicable database is available here: DB

The Delphi application is available here: APP