Sunday, July 7, 2013

Excellent Array Example - By Bernard Sibanda (CAPS Gr 11 Based)

In the following example kindly supplied by Bernard Sibanda the following CAPS Skills are targeted:

 1. Arrays
  - Arrays as a data structure (1-dim)

  - Structure

  - Step through items

  2. Input and output using a text file

  -Apply simple file input and output using a text file to populate data structures and to

    develop simple reports

  - Text files are incorporated utilising text stream operations and methods which

   load and save a file stream, etc.
  - Accessing text stream operations and methods to load and save a file stream,

  - Utilise exceptions to catch errors on input and output

  3. Basic computing

   - Casting from one type to another (integer/real/float/ string/text)
   - Reinforce and use of simple built-in methods dealt with through the introductory
      tool, e.g. square root, randomising and rounding
   - Format number and text output

   - Concept of a constructor for the initialisation of attributes
   - Dynamically instantiate simple objects from existing classes which supports the

     development of the solution, e.g. a list, image and relevant controls by invoking a

   - Bind an applicable event to the dynamically instantiated object if required as part of
     the solution

4. Modular approach to solution development5. Inline documentation

Document in pdf format available here

Complete application available here