Thursday, July 31, 2014

Workshop at Unisa for some Gauteng Teachers (26 July 2014)

On the 26th of July Unisa (ICT Florida Campus) hosted a wonderful IT Delphi day for teachers in their district, orginised by Mr Hennie van Tonder and arranged by Mrs Ronel van der Merwe (Lecturer Unisa) and Mr Collin Pillkington (Lecturer Unisa)

During the workshop content relating to the PAT and DB related issues where covered and the teachers where introduced to AppMethod (which supports free development in Object Pascal for Android Phones for learners) by Mr Bernard Sibanda.

As part of the presentation some alternate content and approach do DB connectivity and access where demonstrated with the implementation of ClientDataSet components and some relevant events. We also covered Master Detail relationships and the creation of a Master-Detail form, using parameterised queries.

The teachers were also shown how easy it is to create multi-platform mobile applications with Delphi and deploy the application to a Mobile device whilst debugging the application in a Windows environment.

The day was a huge success, with teachers being motivated and even Unisa lecturers surprised.

Links to the content done that day is presented below:



Workshop at Middelburg Technical High in Mpumalanga

On the 2nd of July we had a wonderful workshop, in Mpulalanga where two schools eager learners braved the cold for some Delphi tips and tricks.

It was wonderful to see the dedication of the teachers and subject advisor and (Mr Gerhard Raath).

The one thing that always motivates me, is the way in which learners faces light-up when they grasp something. Showing them some mobile development as well as some OOP concepts created many such light switch occasions. :)

I am very happy and proud for Mpumalanga! 

Go Gerhard and all the teachers!


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Wonderful resource discovered!

Whilst browsing the net, I came across the following YouTube channel. The presenter is really skilled and presents concepts in a set of videos which in my oppinion have taken hours to create!

What a wonderful discovery, of content and a presenter with not only with the correct know-how but the correct understanding of what programing in High School entail, especially in our context!

Hoping for many such tutorials to come!

YouTube Channel

Web page